The 2018 East Coast Taiko Conference will be hosted by Stony Brook University’s Taiko Tides in Stony Brook, NY on February 9th – 11th, 2018!


Taiko Tides was founded in 2001 by Joan Miyazaki, a biology professor from Stony Brook University. She gathered students and staff from all corners of the demographic and academic spectrum to pay homage to the Japanese culture that they revered and respected so much. With over 20 members today, we have gained a diverse set of individuals, and despite our differences we embrace each other’s uniqueness and utilize taiko to foster a sense of community.

This harmony inspired us to host ECTC with the theme of Unity through Diversity. The conference provides a space where all members of the taiko community can come and learn from different taiko groups and from each other, regardless of age, background, or skill level. Through this, we hope to strengthen the taiko community by embracing our diversity.

ECTC began in 2011 at Cornell University when it was first hosted by Yamatai. Since then, it has been hosted by Kaze at Wesleyan University (2012), Gendo Taiko at Brown University (2013), Skidaiko at Skidmore College (2014), Yamatai again at Cornell University (2015), and again by Gendo Taiko at Brown University (2017).

2018 will mark the first year where ECTC is hosted by a public university.

We hope to see you there!