Kris Bergstrom’s essay on “Unity Through Diversity”

ECTC is coming up in just a few days, and one of our workshop leaders, Kris Bergstrom, has written an essay based of off this year’s theme Unity Through Diversity.

“I was so inspired to hear the theme of the 2018 ECTC, ‘Unity Through Diversity’!  This concept feels like the core of our music and all of percussion. It’s the differing timbres of the shime, okedo, nagado, odaiko, kane, and flute, playing at different moments within the bar, that combine to create groove. I was so inspired… I finished an essay I had been struggling with for three years. I publish it here in celebration of ECTC and with the hopes that it encourages even greater diversity within our community.”  — Kristofer Bergstrom

To read his full essay, click here!

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